Relax with Just Sleep, which improves sleep quality and relieves stress

Just Sleep is an app that aims to help the user relax and reconcile sleep and reach awareness through guided meditations.

The app utilizes a mix of white noise, nature sounds and beautiful animations of visually stimulating and soothing particles to promote better sleep, reduce stress and nocturnal anxiety, manage tinnitus and insomnia.

Guided meditations embrace topics such as breathing, sleep, and body awareness to improve concentration, promote relaxation and find inner peace.

Just Sleep offers suggestive sound experiences with rainstorms, blizzards, hail, wind and other sounds of nature to get better sleep, while white sounds help ward off worries and tensions.

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The mixer function allows you to combine your favorite sounds by adjusting the individual sound levels to create countless customized scenarios. The app includes a timer leep, an image filter mode, and clock functionality to turn your smartphone into a relaxing night dock.

Just Sleep is available for Android for free without in-app purchases and asks for permissions to access photos, multimedia items, and files.

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