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Razer joins Tencent to launch games for smartphones

The Razer has teamed with Tencent to compose your already announced geared to mobile gaming strategy. The apparel maker has teamed up with the Chinese giant to develop games and create opportunities for players through reward and incentive programs, linking customers of both brands into a single umbrella and, of course, expanding the penetration of the solutions available by both.

The idea of collaboration is to work on both services and software as well as hardware. Among the first initiatives announced is the launch of special and optimized versions of games such as Tencent's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Razer phones. The package would bring official and dedicated support to joysticks and also integration with Cortex, the manufacturer's launcher for the Android operating system.

"Other monetization opportunities," in official words, are also at stake, such as the addition of games published by Tencent in rewards programs and customer incentives. They would be part of loyalty schemes, for example, and would guarantee special bonuses for those who are already users of products and services of one of two brands.

The partnership is also related to Razer's own strategies, with the manufacturer's CEO, Min Liang Tan, stating that no one was talking to a gamer phone before the company got theirs. As the company's idea was never to publish games, but rather to act in the hardware market, the partnership with Tencent is enough to do so, while the brand intends to help in finding titles and creating more immersive experiences.

The merger announcement came as part of the revelation of Razer's financial results in its first full year since the Hong Kong Stock Exchange opened in late 2017. In the last year, revenue was $ 712 million, a 37% increase over the previous period and a 41% reduction in losses as the company moves to a level of profitability. Investments such as the partnership with Tencent, as Tan points out, are essential for this.

With a focus on software and services, along with tradition and new ideas in the fields of hardware and accessories, the executive expects continued growth. This should also accompany an increase in stock values in a highly competitive market. Not yet this time, however, with the revelation of numbers and partnership keeping the paper's stable during the auction of this Thursday (21).

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