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Microsoft wants to take Xbox Live to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

The gaming market is expanding into new segments and no one wants to be left out. An example of this is Microsoft's latest ambition to expand its Xbox Live service to mobile platforms.

According to the official website of the Game Developers Conference, the Redmond company wants to bring this service also to Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. That is, the idea will be to cover all the main platforms of today.

Thanks to this expansion, Microsoft plans to cover more than 2 billion devices. Indeed, it is estimated that the company will be able to meet the needs of 68 million active players worldwide.

Microsoft wants Xbox Live on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

In an age where we are "increasingly mobile," it makes sense that we can take our games anywhere. More and more are those who have a smartphone with one of these operating systems. In addition, also the Nintendo Switch has gained more followers.

As a result, players will no longer be tethered to your Xbox console or Windows 10. The progress made on these platforms will also be available on Android, iOS or Nintendo Switch.

Everything you get, your list of friends, trophies and more will become available on any of these platforms. In addition, this multi-presence will also be beneficial to developers. In this way, they will save a lot of work in adapting their creations to other platforms.



Microsoft's latest effort to be more ubiquitous in the gaming market is undeniable. In addition to this expansion of the Xbox Live service, the company still has the xCloud project in hand. In summary, the latter will allow you to stream your Xbox games to your smartphone.

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In that sense, the combination of these two services will be the perfect symbiosis for everyone in the Microsoft ecosystem. Certainly, more details on these themes will be revealed at CGD 2019, which takes place next March.

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