Xiaomi Anti-Retreat Policy – Everything you need to know

Xiaomi Anti-Retreat Policy - Everything you need to know

The well-known Xiaomi is again in the mouths of technology enthusiasts, this is because it has decided to make changes to its update and privacy policy in the software that accompanies its terminals, in order to ensure the safety of users

For those unfamiliar, each handset manufacturer has its own user interface, which is flavored by some version of Android available, accompanying each smartphone. The one of the Xiaomi denominates MIUI and counts already with ten versions.

What many users take to use this device is the fact that MIUI has a BETA program of updates that makes weekly news and updates to your equipment, and a Global version whose frequency of update is monthly.

In the past, the Chinese manufacturer made a controversial decision by blocking their bootloaders, requiring permission to unlock their phone. This decision made life hard for those avid users who like to venture deeper into the world of Android.

The reason behind Xiaomi Anti-Retreat Policy?

In July, Xiaomi brought the MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.7.5 and some users inadvertently installed a version with a surprise factor. Exactly, with this ROM Xiaomi was introducing the new policy of “anti-rollback” or “anti-recoil” to earlier versions of MIUI.

That is, in light of what happens with iOS, if you now install the latest version of MIUI, you will not be allowed to go back to previous versions. And if you do, you’ll be in big trouble, because your equipment will be blocked. And we are not talking about a lock that is solved by putting the equipment in fastboot mode and then flash the ROM.


You will have a real brick in your hands, and unless you have some more advanced knowledge you will be able to remove your terminal from this condition and even this is not guaranteed.

Xiaomi has focused primarily on user safety when using their device. So far, stores reselling Xiaomi could flash the famous “shop Roms” to threaten the constraints of non-optimized versions of MIUI for European soil, such as the lack of Google Services or the Google Play Store.

So, because some electronic stores are selling Xiaomi device with unofficial ROMS with bugs and malware installed on them. In order to avoid more drastic measures, Xiaomi decided to create difficulties for retailers, all for the good of the consumer and the good name of the brand.

Increased Bootloader Unlock Time

The only way to unlock the bootloaders of a Xiaomi is to request authorization from the appropriate web page. The waiting time was about one to two weeks, now there are reports that it can be from 30 to 60 days. Execção is made in Little F1, whose time is of 3 days after the nsistence of the community.

Blocking access to EDL mode

The acronym EDL stands for Emergency Download Mode and is one of the last possible alternatives when your device is locked, and none of the other solutions worked. As a powerful tool used by official repair centers, stores would be using this method to install their malicious versions of MIUI on Xiaomi terminals.

Again for privacy reasons, the brand has implemented two measures: it is now impossible to install a global version on a device that is not intended for global sale, and only authorizes access to EDL mode to duly authorized accounts.

Anti-Retreat Protection

The implementation of the anti-recoil policy is another of the measures that Xiaomi will use and whose functionality is already supported by Google, since it is a feature of Android in Verified Boot 2.0. This prevents the machine from turning on if it detects that it has an older, unapproved ROM version than the intended one.

The difference of this feature of Google for Xiaomi is that in Google the user can disable this function and for xiaomi, they cannot. As soon as you install a ROM with anti-recoil protection, there is no more going back.

Xiaomi Anti-Retreat Policy Device List
Xiaomi Anti-Retreat Policy Device List
Source: Xiaomi.eu

So far only the following equipment has the anti retreat protection, they are: Mi 8, Mi Miax 3, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 5 Plus and International and Chinese Note. But it is expected that this measure will extend to the full range of Xiaomi device.

In summary, we have three measures that aim to increase the security of users: increase the time needed to unblock the bootloader, block access to the EDL mode and the Anti-Retreat policy.

Leave it in the comments box if you agree with this applied measures, if you have already been affected by any of them or if you have any suggestion of improvement for the safety in the terminals Xiaomi.

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