Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature 5 cameras

Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature 5 cameras

After the iPhone XS is officially revealed, that’s where the attention turns to competitors. The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 will be the next stars to see the light of day.

The Huawei Mate 20 will now arrive in October while the Samsung S10 will only be unveiled next February. Everything indicates that the Huawei P30 arrives at the top of the range Samsung.

According to the previous information, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the true evolution of the South Korean company. This year we saw a Note 9 not to bring many new features, a bit strange since the Note model is usually the one chosen to incorporate the news.

That’s why rumours have it that S10 will be the chosen one. According to the information we will have a terminal with a biometric sensor on the screen, glass construction and a design slightly different from the S9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be the great revelation of 2019 

New information from ETNews, which has already proven correct in the past, indicates that Samsung will bring its top-end with 5 cameras. Please note that these cameras will be divided by the back and front of the device.


So it is very likely that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will offer us 3 rear cameras and two front cameras. The two front chambers will assist in facial unlocking and ‘portrait mode’. In turn, the rear cameras is still a mystery. We do not know what the purpose of the South Korean company will be.

They will hardly play on the same side of Huawei. The Chinese company has given us a P20 with color cameras, a monochrome sensor and a Zoom sensor. Rumours have it that Samsung will introduce a wide angle instead of monochrome.

It’s time to see more information about the new Samsung Galaxy S10. As time passes the information will come and you will be the first to know.

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