Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Bechmarks stand behind OnePlus 6 and iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Bechmarks stand behind OnePlus 6 and iPhone X

OnePlus 6 and iPhone X are among the most powerful smartphones on the market. Yesterday we had another monster, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, to join the team. All smartphones are of quality and all offer their positives and negatives.

While Note 9 is severely more expensive than the OnePlus 6, Samsung’s top-of-the-range camera continues to offer more features, better camera, better screen and wireless charging. Not to mention, of course, SPen.

Already the iPhone X is a terminal totally different from the other two. Although at the end of the day it’s “just another smartphone”, its User Interface gives Apple a performance edge. Everything on the iPhone X is made exclusively for the terminal, from software to processor.

The power of the smartphone is not just specifications, the User Interface has a strong role in the final score of the benchmarks. Benchmarks that are not surprising in Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone X and OnePlus 6 posts side by side

We have to take into account that the terminal has just come out to market, that is, it is very likely that the benchmark score can improve as Samsung sends us software updates for performance improvement.

The scores taken by the “tomsguide” website show us how the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not surprising when put next to OnePlus 6 and iPhone X. The iPhone X may even have a similar price, however, at this point you can buy a OnePlus 6 for just over € 400. 

Scores of GeekBench 4 in Multi-Core


Scores of GeekBench 4 in Multi-Core

3DMark Slingshot Extreme 3.1


3DMark Slingshot Extreme 3.1

Screen brightness (nits)


Screen brightness (nits)

As we can see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not surprising in almost all benchmarks. We have the 3DMark Slingshot Extreme where the new Samsung smartphone finally manages to overtake the iPhone X. 3DMark Slingshot Extreme measures the graphics of the smartphone extremely. Even so, it’s still behind OnePlus 6.

Already in the brightness of the screen. There is nothing that can even get close to the LG G7.

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