BQ will bring the Android Pie to at least 10 of its smartphones

BQ will bring the Android Pie to at least 10 of its smartphones
BQ Android Pie

The frenzy of Android Pie is here and the HRC has already revealed which smartphones will have the new update of the Android system. The Spanish company has done a tremendous job with its device. While competition is growing, HRC remains the same.

I want to say that the smartphones and products of the European manufacturer are of a quality with a super acceptable price.

BQ will bring the Android Pie to at least 10 of its smartphones

The HRC smartphone may be slightly more expensive than its predecessors, however, it offers us improved software build and quality. BQ has always given us a very similar system to Pure Android, but these new X2 and X2 Pro offer Android One.

This means that the updates will arrive faster and the interface will be basically the same as the Google Pixel smartphones.

The Android Pie arrived on Monday at the Pixel and it was not long before Nokia and BQ spoke out against the smartphones that will receive the update.

According to the newsletter of the Spanish company the chosen ones are:

  • Aquaris X2 Pro
  • Aquaris X2
  • Aquaris X Pro
  • Aquaris X
  • Aquaris U2
  • Aquaris U2 Lite
  • Aquaris V
  • Aquaris V Plus
  • Aquaris VS and
  • Aquaris VS Plus

The newsletter ended with HRC reinforcing the idea of the importance of security updates. An ideology that he liked to see in other manufacturers. You can read:

“As you know, we take the updates very seriously at HRC. That’s why we guarantee a change of version on all our smartphones (not only the top but also the cheapest ones) and a second update if technically possible.

Android Pie: 5 Nokia smartphones start receiving update

This is the case of the Aquaris X, Aquaris V and Aquaris U2 ranges, which will receive their second major upgrade with Android P. In addition, we are committed to bringing Google’s security patches within 90 days first two years of the device. “- BQ Australia

There are still no concrete dates for the device software update for Android Pie, however, since they all have very clean software, it should not take long.

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