Sony plans to build a Sony Xperia with “full screen”

Sony plans to build a Sony Xperia with full screen

Sony is one of the most reputable Android manufacturers in the smartphone and mobile device market. It is also one of the manufacturers that most resist market trends. Now, the company is contemplating the possibility of producing a Sony Xperia with full screen.

This austere and even stubborn stance is something that praises and criticizes them with equal weight and measure. If on the one hand is one of the few Android manufacturers not to give in to the trend of “notch”, on the other hand, has already adopted the dual camera with the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium.

Still, it’s only recently that we’ve seen a Sony Xperia with the 18: 9 screen format, a full screen (or almost). Hereby full screen is meant a reduced frame like a Samsung Galaxy S9  with its  Infinity Display.

Now, during an interview granted by Sony itself to the  Japanese media, the Android manufacturer has shown interest in this concept. In fact, the full screen is one of the vectors of development or courses of action that will be contemplated by the Japanese.

Next Sony Xperia may have a “full screen”

During the same interview, the manufacturer stated that the implementation of the 18: 9 aspect ratio in the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact is due to its popularity in the market. To the popularity of the format/standard 18: 9 ie. Something that consumers already want, know and look for in their new mobile devices and that allows the implementation of a bigger screen. Something that the brand itself has recognized as being beneficial to the experience of using smartphones.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

According to the brand itself, a full-screen smartphone can be something more than a communication tool. Still, the Android maker said that the ideal aspect ratio varies from smartphone to smartphone, and there are no fixed formulas.

Sony has been resisting market trends …

Take the example of your latest top-of-the-line, Xperia XZ2 Premium that features a large screen with 4K Ultra-HD resolution. Still, this terminal maintains the 16: 9 format and not the current 18: 9 format.

Sony justifies such an attitude with the overall use of the Android device, having designed the entire smartphone in 16: 9 format in mind. So that the user can enjoy multi-media content, this is the purpose that led to the construction of the XZ2 Premium. Look at the prices of the latest generation smartphones brand, below.

According to the brand, the implementation of the 18: 9 format for a full screen will put an unnecessary frame to the contents. Still, the manufacturer wants to enhance every experience of content enjoyment films, series and music.

The future passes through the full screen

In addition to clarifying the issues and why of its insistence on the 16: 9 format, the Japanese manufacturer was receptive to new concepts. One of them being the full screen, with very small margins and 18: 9 aspect ratio.

The brand wants to give users the best possible experience based on the technology available. Now we know that the company is at least putting this hypothesis on the table for its future terminals.

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