Samsung is the leader in the sale of smartphones in the first quarter of 2018

Samsung is the leader in the sale of smartphones in the first quarter of 2018

Samsung started the year in a strong way. Although the iPhone X was one of the smartphones that stood out the most, it was Samsung that sold the most in the first quarter of 2018.

Even today, we are referring to the fact that Huawei has set strong targets for 2018 , but looking at these numbers, we realize how Samsung can be a leader in the sale of mobile equipment.

According to analysts at CounterPoint, which has proven to be correct with its analysis in the past, the South Korean company has knocked over everything and everyone selling mobile equipment around the world.

The Asian company sold about 78 million units, equivalent to 22% of smartphones sold in the first quarter of 2018.

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Samsung’s mid-range smartphones are largely responsible for

Apple was behind with 15% of equipment sold and Huawei in third place with 11%. Also noteworthy for Xiaomi with 8% of the market. The young Chinese company is slowly entering Europe and has already shown it deserves respect.

LG got a mere 3%, but it is a positive result. It is in North America that the South Korean company stands out with a market share of 14%.

Global Smartphone Shipments Market Share 2018Q1


It is interesting to see ZTE in 4th place in the USA. I remember that the Chinese company was barred from trading with US companies a month ago. Something that is still in court for final resolution.



In Europe, we have a clear highlight for the sale of Samsung equipment with more than 33% market. Apple arrives next with 20% and Huawei third with 15%.

Need also mention the presence of Xiaomi with 4% of quota and Nokia with 2%. I recall that it is only now that Xiaomi officially entered the European market. Something tells me that this table will change seriously until the end of the year.

Samsung is the world leader for now and everything indicates that this will continue in 2018. The Asian mid-range equipment is gaining more and more relevance. The “A” models are not only better, they also offer excellent value for money.


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