iPhone X survives two weeks submerged in a river (Video)

iPhone X survives two weeks submerged in a river (Video)

Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, we are bombarded with various stress tests that are performed to demonstrate what the new Apple device can withstand. From falls to flamethrowers, everything is valid to demonstrate the resistance of these equipment. However, the vast majority of videos, while fun, are not really instructive.

That said, there’s no denying that today’s iPhone is much more robust than in previous years. An example of this is that a woman dropped her iPhone X into a river and two weeks later, when it was found, it was still running at 100%. Although the iPhone has an IP67 certification, it was certainly not designed to last two weeks in the water.

The iPhone X in question was discovered by a YouTuber named Dallas, who manages the Man + River channel on YouTube.

When you found the iPhone X – which, it should be noted, was not placed on any protective cover – this YouTuber removed it from the water and it went back to work. Later, Dallas was able to find the owner and send the device back. Here’s the video:

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