iOS 12 will make the Apple iPhone and iPad even more powerful

iOS 12 will make the Apple iPhone and iPad even more powerful
Apple iOS 12

Performance, augmented reality and the … Memoji! These are the main novelties that we could already test in the new iOS 12 from Apple. This is the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system such as your iPhone or iPad.

As you have been told here at Androidvillaz, Cupertino’s technology recently introduced its new iOS 12. This is the latest version of the system that in September should reach the iPhone and iPad elected. Now we see some more of your news.

As expected, the new iOS 12 was one of the stars of the latest World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). There, we get to know all the improvements and new functions introduced by Apple in its software.

The news will reach millions of iPhone and iPad devices by the end of the year but by then, we have had the opportunity to test some news. Above all, and despite being in beta, iOS 12 foresees a great performance boost (speed).

Improvements in performance and speed of iOS 12

Word repeated over and over again by Mr. Craig Federighi, one of Apple’s top executives. Performance. Velocity. Power. These are three of the iOS vectors that in truth are united in a single fluency. This will be even more noticeable, smooth and omnipresent for the iPhone and iPad device user as soon as they reach the devices.

Improvements in performance and speed of iOS 12

Federighi highlighted the notable increase in speed and tangible improvements for any and all users. So that any iPhone or iPad elected can enjoy an even smoother and more capable daily experience.

Even so, the improvements will be even more noticeable for those who have an old iPhone and for the old one is meant an iPhone 6. Yes, even this device of 2014 will receive the update for the new iOS 12. Device that will open applications so 40 % faster.

This device will open the camera 70% faster from the lock screen. Device that will present a writing experience (keyboard) 50% faster according to the tests carried out by Apple itself.

Augmented reality for Apple iPhone and iPad

This continues to be one of Apple’s biggest drivers of innovation and development. Augmented Reality is one of the areas that has attracted the attention of CEO Tim Cook. Here, in order to combine the capacities of virtual reality with what unfolds before our eyes, RA will be used to play and much more!

Augmented reality for Apple iPhone and iPad

You will have a new system application, the ruler that will allow you to measure distances. It’s called “Measure” and it’s Apple’s first serious onslaught on this new “realm” of augmented reality.

As expected, this native application of iOS 12 will be ready without fail as soon as iOS 12 is deployed. It will be another tool available to the end user of the device. Through the camera of the iPhone or iPad you will have this new ruler.

The application is just the beginning, just the first demonstration of RA deep integration in iOS 12. Something that will certainly give us new experiences for your iPhone or iPad in the near future.

Greater rest for the iPhone and iPad user with iOS 12

In addition to the already well-publicized way of grouping the notifications, we have a reinforcement of the “Do not Disturb” mode. Through this, the user will have less alert and less temptation to open the iPhone or iPad overnight, for example.

Greater rest for the iPhone and iPad user with iOS 12

In fact, with iOS 12 your iPhone and iPad will not show any kind of notifications. This is for the time set by the user for rest period. In other words, during the time that you define, you will not have any kind of temptations.

Something equally important will be the new application and possibility to see exactly how much time you have spent on your smartphone. How much time and what to do. Something that can help you control your addiction or addiction to using your smartphone itself.

“Do Not Disturb” mode – now enhanced on Apple’s iOS 12

Of course, the iOS 12 alone will not reduce your use. However, it will give you the tools to know if you are spending more time on your iPhone or iPad. It will be another tool for the user.

It will be particularly useful for parents who want to know exactly what their kids are doing on the iPhone or iPad. Be the time they spend on Facebook, YouTube or any other type of application.

Do Not Disturb mode - now enhanced on Apple's iOS 12

All notifications now grouped on your iPhone and iPad

Something that has already been extensively covered in 4gnews but will release a lot of time (and patience) to the user. From now on, all notifications sent by an application will be grouped as such. No more clutter and you can clear all notifications at once.

Animoji … Memoji …

Introduced by Apple last September, Animoji will host new characters with iOS 12. You’ll have the tiger, koala, T-Rex and of course, the new ghost. You’ll still have the possibility to put the tongue out because … well … that’s it.

Something that was taken directly from the Samsung’s book was the new Memoji that can be applied soon through the application of the camera. Here unlike the Emoji AR of the South Korean competitor.

IOS 12 arrives in late summer to Apple iPhone and iPad

The list of news is somewhat restrained but it is to praise the great availability. That is, we have a lot of mobile devices here, including the latest iPod. We also have older devices like the iPhone 6.

It is expected that the new version of the operating system will arrive from September 2018. Here assuming that Apple does not change its schedule of releases and updates.

IOS 12 arrives in late summer to Apple iPhone and iPad

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