Zuckerberg says it will take 3 years to clean Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg-

In recent months, Facebook has been the central figure in a series of controversies and scandals, from the proliferation of false news and profiles to the theft of millions of users’ personal data through Cambridge Analytica.

In an interview with Wired reporter Steven Levy, CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said the company will significantly change to better protect its users, but that will be a long and arduous process.

” I think this will be a transition process of about three years to actually build the teams because you can not just hire thirty thousand people overnight so they do something,” he said. “You need to make sure they’re working well and bring the leaders in to train them. And build AI tools – this is not something you could do with a snap of fingers, too. “

“The good news is that we started very early last year. So we’re about a year in he continued. “I believe that by the end of this year we will have made great strides in much of this. We can never really do this completely. But I think this represents a major change in the overall business model and operating model of the company. “

During the interview, the subject of Facebook’s new dating feature was also raised, with Levy questioning the public’s interest in releasing more information to the platform after these scandals, with the hypothetical question: “Wow, Facebook wants to know this too about me?'”

The executive, apparently disturbed, pointed out that this is the company’s biggest challenge, moving ahead with new plans as it tries to win back users’ confidence about the privacy of their data.

“Because my top priority is to make it clear that we are taking these things seriously,” he said.

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