YouTube tries to expand video view in “window” mode

YouTube tries to expand video view in window mode
YouTube tries to expand video view in window mode

Originally released for Android through the Oreo 8.0 update of the operating system, the mode of viewing videos on YouTube through a “window” on other applications may be released to non-subscribers to YouTube Red.

Dubbed a picture-in-picture, the feature allows the user to continue watching a video being played on YouTube even when using another app. In this situation, the video is “shrunk” in a small window and placed on the open application in the foreground.

The feature has been available for some time now for subscribers to the YouTube Red service. The news, however, was noticed by Reddit’s non-paying Reddit users who found some videos that allowed them to view picture-in-picture for free.

The YouTube Red subscription is currently available in Australia, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States. There are no details yet on plans to expand picture-in-picture view to other countries or to iOS users

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