iPhone X Tesla with a solar battery Released

iPhone X Tesla with a solar battery Released
iPhone X Tesla with a solar battery

If you want to buy a smartphone with a solar battery, and money for you – no problem, consider as an option iPhone X Tesla from the Russian manufacturer of accessories Caviar. The smartphone will cost you $ 4,500.

The iPhone X Tesla model has a solar panel on the back of the case, connected to the battery. To activate the charging, you need to press a special button.

Tesla is made of carbon fiber, it has anodized buttons and gilded decorative elements behind. It is also protected against water and dust by the degree of iP67. Because of the solar panel itself, the smartphone has become larger.

The panel is not attached as a cover, it is attached to the iPhone X itself , so the smartphone has become much thicker. The thickness of the original model is 7.7mm, and this – as much as 16.2mm. In this regard, the main camera does not even bulge.

Caviar plans to release 999 smartphones iPhone X Tesla and number them in the order of production. The very first smartphone the company will give to Ilona Mask, and on it will be engraved: “Made on Earth by earthlings”.

If you suddenly do not know, Mask recently launched a Tesla car into space.

Caviar sells the option with 64GB of memory for 284,000 rubles or $ 4,555. The model with 256 GB of memory costs 4,805 dollars.

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Interestingly, the company charges only after the device has been checked by the buyer, and the transfer of money is carried out by a “personal adviser”, whatever that means.

Soon there will be a new generation of iPhone, so buying a new smartphone now is not the best solution. However, if you want something unusual, the iPhone X Tesla is just right for you.

Find out more about the model and buy it on the Caviar website.

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