Apple is working on a biometric sensor on the ultrasonic screen

Apple is working on a biometric sensor on the ultrasonic screen
Apple is working on a biometric sensor on the ultrasonic screen

Apple, like other manufacturers, is working on a biometric sensor on the screen. Who says it is the Korean publication Chosun.

In recent times we have seen huge brands of equipment bringing the biometric sensor on the device screen. Vivo is one of the few that has already launched models for the market with such technology. We can not forget Huawei with Mate RS as well.

Earlier reports state that Samsung will bring functionality to Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy S10. That is, everything is trying to launch the technology as fast as possible for their smartphones.

Apple is not known to run out of time. The equipment of the Cupertino company is only now that they bring a “current” design. In fact, only the iPhone X is that has this design, all others continue with an antiquated design.

Apple should bring a biometric sensor on the screen but not the next iPhone!

Wireless charging is also a good example that the US company does not rush to implement the technologies in its equipment. Samsung already had this feature for a few years, but only in 2017 did we see Apple worried about launching the feature on their devices.

Today we have the information that Tim Cook’s company is developing an unlock technology on the device’s screen. Removing the fingerprint sensor gave Apple the ability to install Face ID, but everyone knows that finger unlocking is much simpler and more effective.

The unlock technology on the ultrasonic screen is being worked on by having different companies. In addition to Apple, Samsung and Qualcomm are also developing this possibility.

We’ll hardly see the technology on the 2018 iPhones. Apple is expected to change the design of all its devices to something identical to the iPhone X. The new handsets will be unveiled in September and all of them are expected to remove the Touch ID for of the Face ID implementation.

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