Apple to sell 220 million iOS devices by the end of 2019

Apple to sell 220 million iOS devices by the end of 2019

Apple is invariably one of the most relevant companies in the smartphone market. The Apple iPhone continues, whether you like it or not, to have huge success and iOS – although different from Google’s Android – is one of its strengths.

In fact, based on the analysis of Gene Munster – an analyst-recognized by forecasts related to Apple products – it can be said that the company will sell about 220 million terminals in the next two years.

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The Apple iPhone will always be peculiar, even if it is by iOS …

On the one hand, through current smartphone users of the company led by Tim Cook. On the other, through some audience that can collect from the Android operating system.

Indeed, in one way or another, what can be stressed is that Apple will not stop succeeding. Quite the opposite. In its way, the company is able to create even more value in its products and, therefore, make them a real success.

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