PUBG Corp files suit against copies of the game in China

PUBG Corp files suit against copies of the game in China
Studio claims that NetEase copied the game in two of its mobile titles

The PUBG Corp, responsible for developing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is chasing the titles copying their successful game on PC and mobile phones. According to a recent TorrentFreak report, the studio filed a lawsuit this week against the Chinese company NetEase on account of two of its mobile games.

The company notes that the Rules of Survival and Knifes Out games feature similarities without permission “in buildings, vehicles, weapons, clothing, the game area and the gameplay area,” as well as using gameplay terms such as “chiken dinner”.

Another point cited by the company is that the videos created in the two games are often cited as the mobile version of PUBG, characterizing a mix of products for both players and viewers.

PUBG Corp tried in January to make a formal request for Apple to take action against NetEase, but the Chinese company denied the allegations at the time. The formal lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, in the United States, calls for the removal of both games online and monetary damages.

It is worth remembering that the game recently won an official version for mobile phones that was the lowest downloaded in more than 100 countries . In China, the company responsible for the publication of PUBG is Tencent.

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