Google is close to bringing iMessage from Apple iOS to Android

Google is close to bringing iMessage from Apple iOS to Android

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS continue to be distinguished for several reasons. However, there are many others, such as Messaging applications and iMessage, from one and the other, respectively, that associate them more and more.

In fact, as long as Apple does not put its iMessage application on the rival operating system – which it should never do – Google will be thinking about how it can implement something similar on Android. And what is certain is that you will. At least, according to the latest rumor.

In this way, the source of the news points out that, after Allo’s failure, its resources integrate into the native messaging application. That yes, it will be a good move. But what will it bring again?

Google Android with iMessage from Apple iOS? Why not ?!

Well, just like in the iMessage present for iOS, Android Messaging will now work as a chat. That is, a kind of WhatsApp, free of any need for download or subscription.

Through this, in turn, it will be possible to know if the person with whom you are having a conversation is online or not. Likewise, it will also be possible to send GIFs, images, and other files without losing quality.

And of course, in the future, definitely there will be the possibility of sending animated emojis. In effect, more will look like an iMessage, but for Android.

Facebook may have a paid version in the future

If Google tried to do it last year and did not get the result you wanted, it was because you did it in an isolated application. By assigning such features to the Android messaging application, everything will be simpler. Even achieve the success you want.

However, this will only be known (if it will be true or not) in the event of the US company, Google I \ O.

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