Fortnite to arrive in China with $ 15 million investment

Fortnite to arrive in China with $ 15 million investment

The Tencent revealed at a conference on Monday (23), which will invest about $ 15 million to launch Fortnite in China. According to the Chinese website Do News, the money will be used to hold championships in the region and produce content in videos frequently about the game.

The arrival in the Asian country was announced last Friday (20) by developer Epic Games, but the details were not revealed at the time. Tencent also owns the copyrights of the competitor’s publication in China in the Battle Royale genre, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Unlike PUBG, Fortnite is now entering eSports. Last weekend, US-based streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins broke a record of more than 667,000 simultaneous viewers at Twitch at the premiere of a championship at the Las Vegas Esports Arena in the United States. Still on Monday, a university also revealed scholarships for the best players in the country.

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  1. O my God 😰! There’s God o.. Just to boost the company they invented 15 millions of dollars..
    Wish them best of luck sha


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