Far Cry 5 official release – Everything you need to know

Far Cry 5

From the creators of Tom Clancy or even Assassins Creed, one of the most anticipated games of 2018, the Far Cry 5, comes to the public. The fifth installment of the franchise promises to keep what happened in Far Cry 4 and improve the “less good” aspects.

The story, which is at bottom a social critique of the United States, has as its plot the struggle between the main character and Joseph Seed, a preacher who rose to power in Hope Country and is using money and weapons to control the city and its population.

In this open world game, we can expect many features of Far Cry 4.  Since character creation, constant chaos as well as a wide range of weapons. Far Cry 5 also promises to revitalize the mechanics of stealth and even a multitude of vehicles. Another point on which this game stands out is the presence of the cooperative mode in the main campaign.

Although Ubisoft denied the presence of ” Loot Boxes ” (boxes with a monetary cost that may or may not contain items that affect gameplay) the game was released with a Deluxe edition (€ 69.99) and a Gold edition (€ 89.99). The Deluxe Edition features 4 packages, including Thick Hunt Pack, Ace Air Package, Explosive Package, Chaotic Pack, plus an AR-C shotgun and a Magnum pistol. The Gold edition will include the Deluxe edition and the season pass.

Far Cry 5 promises to enthuse!

So far, 3 extra content has been announced: Zombies Undead, Dark Hours and Lost on Mars. The expansion of the Zombies will be a kind of arcade, in which the player will have to face several hordes of Zombie.

The second expansion tells the story of Wendell Redler. A Vietnam War veteran who tries to rescue his comrades through the enemy lines of fire. Finally, “Lost on Mars” tells the story of Nick Rye, a man lost on a planet Mars invaded by aliens.

In graphic terms, we do not have a very demanding game, so it has as recommended requirements a GTX970 and an Intel i7-6400 or a Ryzen 5 1600, with only 8GB of RAM.

Far Cry 5 has revealed requirements for the PC, check out

The minimum requirements are often misleading. I remember that these do not guarantee a good gaming experience. In this way you always try to have higher specifications. Still, these are the minimum requirements: Intel i5-2400 or AMD Fx-6300, with a GTX 670 and the same 8 GB of RAM.

In conclusion, Far Cry 5 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year 2018. The style of destruction and chaos is something that attracts players. A deeper story may be what was lacking in the last installment of this game.

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  1. This game is too wow.. Just the pictures that you have been uploading worth something.. And this clip is Really amazing.. Wow! But no any possibility that I can play it.


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