Facebook may have a paid version in the future

Facebook may have a paid version in the future

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, was yesterday in front of the United States Senators in order to explain to America and the world what the hell is happening with his platform and the information of its users.

With more than two billion users, Facebook is without a doubt one of the biggest services in the world. Just overtaken by Google. Like the Mountain View company, Facebook also lives on the sale of advertisements.

Remember, “If the product is free, it’s because you’re the product.” The gift of Facebook to connect people from all over the world did not go unnoticed in the Senate. However, there are problems that must be called into question. Mainly what happened with Cambridge Analytics.

This appearance of Mark Zuckerberg in the Senate was far more than just the information leak of 87 million users. The audience has helped us to realize a bit of what is going on in the head of one of the greatest geniuses on the planet.

Facebook is in bad shape after the Cambridge Analytics scandal

After all, the $ 40 billion of profit the company took last year went through advertising sales. This advertising requires the information of its users to be more effective.

Mark Zuckerberg was asked several times during the hearing whether he intended to have users pay for their information not to be shared with Facebook. This rumor started by one of the company’s executives having stated that if users did not want advertising on the platform they would have to pay for it.

Mark avoided the answer as much as he could, however, he said, ” there will always be a version of Facebook that will be free .” This is not to say that Facebook will be paid in the future. Do you want to indicate that there may be a version of Facebook where you can get a subscription to remove the ads. The audience was long but interesting. You can see completely in the two videos below.

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