Bluboo S3 is official with a battery of 8500 mAh

Bluboo S3

The Bluboo S3 is the latest smartphone from the Chinese company. The Android device is not much different from the others in its specifications, price or even design. However, this terminal has a distinguishing feature.

One of the big problems of smartphones, expensive or cheap, is their autonomy. That is why some companies do not mind losing a little design or elegance to satisfy this market.

The Android devices are the ones that offer the most offer, this Bluboo S3 is guaranteed a good option for those who need mostly superior autonomy.

The device is not ugly. The smartphone seems to have a plastic rear construction, something that is not exactly the most inviting. However, we see a 6 “FullHD + screen with reduced margins.

Bluboo S3 arrives with Android Oreo

The device gives us the MeditaTek MT6750T processor running 1.5GHz, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory with the possibility of expansion via MicroSD. This processor is not the most powerful on the market, however, this smartphone does not want to compete in this area.

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Samsung Dual Camera

It wants to compete rather in the capacity of autonomy. With a battery of 8500 mAh, this Android is almost triple the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Since the screen is lower resolution and the smartphone will not consume as much power, the autonomy is expected to be even more capable.

The Bluboo S3 also gives us a dual rear camera with 21MP + 5MP, however, I do not think that in this segment the device can compete directly.

The device is already in pre-sale for 163 €. We can say that the price is not the cheapest for your specifications, however, the great autonomy should be worth the investment.

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