Apple will repair Apple Watch 2 with battery problems for free

Apple will repair Apple Watch 2 with battery problems for free

Apple Watch is currently the best selling smartwatch in the world. The Apple gadget gained more life when Apple Watch 2 introduced. This model corrected some errors of the predecessor model, namely software slowness, more autonomy and resistance to water and dust.

However, it seems that the Cupertino company’s watch has some manufacturing flaws. These failures have led Apple to repair the smartwatch even though, theoretically, the problem is not covered by the warranty.

According to the information, some 42mm models of Watch 2 suffer problems of autonomy and bloated battery. It goes without saying that the battery is one of the biggest problems of any gadget.

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If your smartphone has a bloated battery that is worrying, imagine having to walk with a watch on your wrist that seems more ready to explode.

This measure only includes the 42mm Apple Watch 2

According to MacRumours, the American company is taking on the responsibility of the swollen battery on the 42mm models in the Sport, Edition, Hermès, and Nike + variants.

Unfortunately, this enhancement does not include Series 1 or Series 3 models, so this information will only prove true if the problem is related to the model mentioned above.

Apple Watch continues to grow and so far the technological world has yet to launch a serious competitor. Let’s hope Google has a letter in hand. Who has an Android smartphone also deserves to have a smartwatch with the quality.

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  1. It’s really good! This will create more fans and more.. Apple 🍏 is really growing in terms of quality specifications..


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