Youtuber turns GameCube into Switch dock

Youtuber turns GameCube into Switch dock

Known for his ingenious creations involving consoles, youtuber Dorison Hugo, from Channel Rated-e Mods, this week released a video of his latest Frankenstein project: a dock for the Switch built from a GameCube.

To create the new dock, Hugo began the process by creating a 3D printed model of the Switch’s original dock, including just a few customizations to fit it better into the GameCube.

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The next step was to hack the Game Cube’s own chassis with an electric saw after removing all internal systems – which created the span where the new custom dock was fitted.

Finally, youtuber still uses a Wii U adapter to link a GameCube controller to the Switch dock, which allows Nintendo’s newest console games to be controlled through the accessory – including Super Mario Odyssey and  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You can check out each of the steps of creating the Game Cube dock in the video above.

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