Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker

Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker

There are days like this. Sometimes weeks and months go by without moving a straw in this mobile market. On the other hand, sometimes the brands decide to launch the products on the same day. Xiaomi, for example, toasted us with three new products. The new smartphone Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S  and a new computer Gaming, the Mi Gaming Laptop and of course, the new Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker.

Shortly after, coffee was beginning to take effect, Huawei decided to introduce two top smartphones, the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro. We even had a surprise, the  Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS and we could even make a reservation to the P20 Lite. The latter is the most accessible of the devices presented today, since Porsche Design breaks several records, including the price.

Something that will not break price records will be the new Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker, costing around 27 dollars or even less than 25 €. Not surprising, Xiaomi is not one of the best price/quality brands in the entire mobile market.

However, the Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker will be exclusive of China. All its functions are geared towards the Asian market and although you may eventually acquire through the online platforms, its usefulness will be practically nil. Still I do not doubt that some “unpackers” will appear with this new accessory extremely economical.

Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker was the 3rd product presented

This Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker is much more compact than the conventional version, presented last year. Note that at the design level, something that our David Ventura can confirm, are its similarities with the Mijia IH Rice device. On the other hand, the larger version turns out to be very similar to the Mi Air Purifier 2. The size of the smart speaker is 90 x 90 x 50 mm (height x width x thickness). It weighs only 210 grams and will be available in White only.

This is the new Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker, it is exclusive of China


Smart Loudspeaker is an exclusive of China but you can get here through the online stores.

This new smart “audio box” is dust-resistant, has 4 microphones and on the top we have the buttons/control panel. We also have a button to mute the speaker and its microphones. Not to mention the display LED and the content playback control buttons.

It can be used to set alarms, take and record notes, listen to some local news and be aware of current sports. You can also help users calculate distances for travel. Once again, all smart capabilities will be dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mi AI Mini Speaker, a new  smart gadget

It can also serve with streaming media, streaming audio to a total of 27 content providers. You will, of course, have sources dedicated to children and various categories of content, once again dedicated to the Chinese market.

This smart speaker can also be used to control other intelligent Xiaomi devices. From smart lamps, air conditioning, TV’s, vacuum cleaners and various other brand equipment.

This Xiaomi Mi Mini Mini Speaker has a processor with 4 cores processing 1.2GHz, therefore a quad-core. We also have a modest 2W 1.5-inch speaker. Unfortunately, it does not have a built-in battery and will have to be powered by the microUSB port or the 5V / 2A power supply.

It also has Bluetooth 4.1 connection, Wi-Fi connection and you can stream audio from, for example, your smartphone. It is compatible with mobile devices that use Android 4.4 or Apple iOS 8.0. It costs only 27 dollars or about 25 €.

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  1. Wow.. It’s very fantabulous! Xiaomi is my favorite brand cause their quality is super good.. Thanks for sharing.


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