Vivo Xplay7 may have camera that hides in the frame of the smartphone

This is a peculiar Android smartphone that narrowly did not steal all the attention of the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) for itself. Now, we can have a Vivo Xplay7 with a camera that hides in the frame.

Note that the top image is just an artistic representation, a  render or digital image. Although it does not illustrate a real product, it may have some foundation of truth. Be it in the building material, main features and even the possibility of having a front camera capable of hiding in the frame (structure) of the smartphone itself.

It will not be easy to overcome the potential of Vivo Apex, the smartphone with a large fingerprint reader on the screen. Equipment with Screen Sound Casting technology, something that vibrates the screen, turning it into the loudspeaker. The call quality is reported to be acceptable.

Another of the trumps of the Apex smartphone is the front camera for selfies. This is projected from the smartphone frame. When you're not using it this is hidden inside the structure of the smartphone itself. Get ready by pressing the button for the front camera in just over a second. Something that may also be available on Vivo Xplay7.

Vivo Xplay7 can be presented soon

Note that this Vivo Xplay7 already since 2017 has been referred to in several leaks of information about this Chinese manufacturer. According to it will be a mid-range Android smartphone. It will stand out for its extremely thin structure and to house the frontal chamber inside the frame of the equipment. It will not be an ordinary device, far from it. Next we can see the patent belonging to the brand that shows us the mechanism for the front camera.

Vivo patent for a smartphone with the camera in the frame

In short, the brand can have here all the ingredients for a beautiful mid-range smartphone. Standing out for the simplicity and beauty of its design, without interruptions. It should be noted that the patent describes the operation mechanism (extension and retraction) of the front chamber. It will operate through an electric motor that will move the camera.

As might be expected, such a different mechanism raises some concerns about the durability of the smartphone. However, it is not yet clear when or if the brand will produce and present this Vivo Xplay7. For now, everything is based on a hand full of rumors.

Finally, according to we may have very advanced features for a mid-range Android smartphone. In fact, the publication mydrivers is pointing a total of 8GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm for this smartphone. Something that would turn it into a high-end device.

Is the future of the mobile and mobile technology market in Vivo's hands?


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  1. Harun Khalid AdeizaMarch 13, 2018 at 12:11 PM

    Vivo.. They are just trying hard! But I don't think that the future is in their hand Sha.. Cause a lot of brands are there.

  2. This device looks appealing to me..
    And it has nice features.
    Wish them all the Best.
    Thanks for info.

  3. Vivo you guys are trying keep the good Job,with time you will be Among the best


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