Tweaked update iCleaner Pro Beta for iOS 11


A beta version of one of the most popular tweaks iCleaner Pro for iOS 11, which can be installed on the device with a jailbreak Electra.

iCleaner Pro is one of the first applications to clean and optimize iOS, which allows you to delete unnecessary files from the device.

Ivano Bilenchi, the creator of iCleaner Pro, released a beta version of tweaks in his repository. If you want to install it, add the https://ib-soft /cydia/beta in Cydia and install the updated version of iCleaner Pro.

iCleaner Pro is like CleanMyMac for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The application removes unnecessary files like unused languages, keyboards, voice control languages, etc. This is necessary in order to free up memory on the device. Especially useful is the tweak when the memory runs out.

The developer also answered several frequently asked questions about iCleaner Pro for iOS 11.

Q: I can not install iCleaner Pro due to problems with apt dependencies. What should I do ?

A: Most likely, you are trying to install the version of iCleaner Pro 7.6.4 from my repository with the final versions. Add my beta repository ( https://ibsoft.Net/cydia/beta  ) and download version 7.7.0 ~ beta1.

Q: I heard that the installation will lead to problems with Cydia.

A: Do not lead, because Additional files are downloaded from the CoolStar repository.

Q: I can not install iCleaner Pro due to (* any Cydia error *).

A: Most of the errors are related to the broken scripts of other files, which I can not fix. Other same mistakes you can fix the usual update sources.

In Removes whether iCleaner Pro my APFS snapshot?

No, I do not .

The developer also added that he is working on support for the iPhone X and shared a screenshot that you can see above.

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