Top 30 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11

Top 30 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 11

If you still do not know, last week the final version of the Electra jailbreak for iOS 11 was released, and it makes it easy to install Tweaks on devices using Cydia. In this regard, we have compiled for you a selection of 30 best tweaks for iOS 11.

1. NoMoreSmallApps


This tweak stretches the application interface to the resolution of the iPhone X, so that they do not have black frames left.

2. MusicDockX


A convenient music widget that you can open from the dock.

3. HideLabels10


Hides the names of applications under their icons.

4. AutoRotate

Adds the rotation of the screen on the home screen.

5. BioProtect X

Allows you to protect individual applications using Face ID.

6. NudeKeys

Removes the 3D effect from the keyboard.

7. SmoothCursor

When typing / deleting text, the cursor will not jump abruptly, but will move smoothly.

8. TapTapFlip

Adds Snapchat camera functions to a standard camera and allows you to switch to the front by double-tapping the screen.

9. Circle Icons

Makes icons round.

10. ByeByeHUD

Adds a percentage of the volume to the top left corner of the screen of your device.

11. AutoUnlockX


12. BatteryPercentX


Replaces the battery indicator with percentages.

13. CCMusicArtwork


Adds album covers to the Music widget of the Control Point.

14. DoubleTapLock


Allows you to lock the device by double-tapping the wallpaper on your home screen.

15. EasySwitcherX


Allows you to close applications in the application switcher on the iPhone X by simply shoving up.

16. TapTime


Tap the time in the status bar and the date will open.

17. TapticKeys


Adds a vibrofeedback for each touch of the screen.

18. SneakyCam


It makes it possible to quietly take photos and videos without showing the camera on the screen.

19. Notchless

Removes the notch of the iPhone X.

20. EclipseX


Eclipse X – the new version of Eclipse, adding to the device a dark mode.

21. FiveIconDockXI

Adds 5 icons to the dock.

22. FlatSafariURL

Makes the address bar in Safari more minimalistic.

23. Barmoji

Adds frequently used emoji to the blank space of the iPhone X keyboard.

24. MessageTypingIndicators

Does not show the recipient an indicator that you are typing a message.

25. InteliX

Repository:  packix ioscreatix com

Sorts notifications by application, not by time.

26. Togglesafe


Allows you to enable the safe mode by switching the silent mode button three times.

27. Dismiss Progress

After installing tweaks, the “Restart Springboard” button usually appears. This tweak adds a button that allows you to close this screen and return to Cydia.

28. Flame

Adds several options to Cydia, as the ability to add multiple sources at the same time and the ability to share tweaks.

29. SwipeForMore

Required tweak for Cydia. Adds the ability to navigate the file to the left to open the options: install, delete, add to the queue for installation / uninstall.

30. DoubleCut

It makes it possible to create a text template that will be inserted when you double-tap a key on the keyboard. For example, pressing “@@” can automatically insert your e-mail.

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