Samsung unveils new Smart TV’s portfolio with its QLED

Samsung unveils new Smart TV's portfolio with its QLED

s promised,  Samsung Electronics would unveil today its new range of televisions for 2018. The announcement would be made at the First Look New York event on the American stock exchange. Samsung has released some details on the main QLED models. As well as new members in the UHD TV families, Premium UHD and Ultra-Large Screen. It’s time to meet all your new Smart TVs.

The South Korean company has also introduced many new features that enhance superior image quality. Intelligent capabilities and unique design elements allow the television to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding space.

The new line of televisions QLED of 2018 of Samsung counts on several functionalities designed to respond to the needs of the consumers. This is about image quality. Convenience and connectivity and sharing capabilities. Among them, Direct Full Array Elite and the redesigned Unique Invisible Link.

This line of televisions from Samsung also offers the Ambiente Mode. A futuristic solution that allows television to merge as never before with the home environment. We will have new products, new TV’s for each segment of prices and sizes.

Samsung unveils new QLED TVs for 2018

According to a study on QLED TV conducted by GfK Portugal in partnership with Samsung. More than a third of consumers surveyed assume their intention to buy a new television with top features next year This includes requirements such as the need to be Smart TV. With dimensions between 40 and 75 inches. And also with minimum resolution of Ultra-HD. These consumers are motivated mainly by the search for new technologies. Or by the need to replace or add a new television in your home.

Pa Smart TV in their homes

TV's QLED TV Smart TV's Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business Samsung Electronics The Wall microLED TV QLED Samsung

” The Samsung TV range of 2018 is truly our most innovative and sophisticated range to date. Designed for the consumer of today and that privileges the aesthetic elements in your home “. Said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We look forward to seeing consumers experience our new range of televisions and new features. These offer the freedom to decide where and how the television can best be tapped at home . “

What’s new for Samsung’s QLED TVs in 2018?

Direct Full Array Elite –  The Q9F range of the Samsung QLED TV will feature Direct Full Array (DFA) contrast technology. It is a feature that allows the availability of an odd contrast. In all images shown on the screen guaranteed by the dynamic control technology of individual parts of the TV.

Environment Mode –  To complement the design of the new line of TVs. Samsung displays the Ambient Mode. It is a way of guaranteeing value even when consumers are not watching television. With a huge amount of information available on the screen. Including traffic data, weather and news. Environment Mode allows the television to become an information hub within the home.

Environment Mode on Samsung’s QLED TVs

Environment Mode also detects the color or pattern of the wall where the TV is installed. Then match that color to provide an elegant, seemingly transparent screen. Thus, users no longer have to see a dull black screen when the television is off.

TV’s OLED full of new trumps

TV's QLED TV Smart TV's Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business Samsung Electronics The Wall microLED TV QLED Samsung
New TVs come with new features and tricks.

Ambient Mode also detects when a person is in the room by synchronizing with a mobile signal. This is to activate the content and turn on the screen. Likewise, the Ambient Mode allows the television to turn off automatically as soon as it detects that no one is in the room.

Unique Invisible Connection –  With several features designed to make the life of the consumer easier, at least so tells us Samsung. Well, the 2018 line of QLED TV from Samsung has a distinctive feature. With the new Invisible Single Link, there is only a single connection between the TV, external devices and the power outlet. This connection guarantees power and data processing.

It is the first time in the industry that a single cable can process high-capacity AV data at the speed of light. At the same time you can ensure power at the same time.

The cable is designed with Teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene), resistant to high temperatures and known for its robustness and resistance. It is also equipped with an insulation system that breaks the electric current if the cable is cut. Designed to ensure the peace of mind of consumers and to ensure the durability of Samsung products

Samsung Smart TV’s

Together with the new image quality and design improvements  The 2018 range of Samsung Smart TVs is even smarter. The Wi-Fi connection and application settings during the initial setup have been reduced. This is thanks to the easy login (Effortless Login), ensuring an even simpler configuration experience.

Through the new SmartThings application, it is possible to establish a simple connection between the television and a wide range of devices and devices. This from your refrigerator to your smartphone, offering an intuitive way to control your home.

Details of the 2018 Smart TV range

Samsung introduces more than 11 models for the range of televisions for 2018. QLED TV series, Premium UHD, UHD and Ultra-Large Screen. They will be distributed through offers with different dimensions that vary between flat and curved screens. The company further strengthens its portfolio on large-screen televisions. This is with the presentation of several models in a line that has panels of 75 inches and higher.

  • QLED TV: 2018 QLED models include Q9F, Q8F, Q7C, Q7F and Q6F with dimensions ranging from 49 “to 88”. The new Samsung QLED TV offers improved color and contrast levels, HDR10 + compatibility, Ambient Mode, Samsung Smart TV enhancements, Single-Command Control, and Unique Invisible Linking. Invisible Single Link is only available on Q7 models or higher.

News arrives from April to stores

TV's QLED TV Smart TV's Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business Samsung Electronics The Wall microLED TV QLED Samsung
Various range of products, various TV’s all of them intelligent
  • Premium Ultra High Definition (Premium UHD): Models in the range of Premium TV UHD TVs of 2018 include the NU8500 and NU8000. UHD Premium TVs feature features such as dynamic crystal color, HDR10 + compatibility, clean cable solutions and enhancements to the Samsung Smart TV and Single Command.
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD): Models in the 2018 UHD TV range include NU7100 (75 “/ 65” / 55 “/ 50” / 43 “/ 40”) and NU7300 (65 “/ 55”) options. These UHD televisions offer UHD and HDR 4K imaging capabilities, clean cable solutions, sleek, slim design and Smart TV features.
  • Ultra-Large Screen Range Televisions: Models such as the Q6FN, NU8000, Q7F and Q9F are included in the range of ultra-large screen televisions with screen sizes from 75 “. These models reflect the needs of customers and their demand for larger televisions that ensure a more impactful and engaging viewing experience.

Samsung’s 2018 TV range will be available in stores from April 2018. All of this information has reached 4gnews via a press release.

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