Motorola V3 (Razr) may return to the market next year

Motorola V3 (Razr) may return to the market next year

The Motorola V3, also known as Razr, was arguably one of the most popular mobile phones in the mobile market. At a time when Motorola was the market leader and approaching Nokia, the Motorola V3 was in the pocket of almost all my friends, including my own.

I remember perfectly the happiness of having such a device. The gesture with the thumb to open the phone and the quick movement with the wrist to close it with style. The “V3” has marked a generation and if you are reading this article you are likely to feel the same sense of nostalgia that I do.

The smartphones arrived later, the larger screens and the “shell” format disappeared. The “V3 (Razr)” started to stay in the drawer and later a distant memory.

However, it seems that the feeling may come back. We still do not know in what format. I’ll explain. An executive of the brand told TechRadar that the Motorola V3 (Razr) would return soon, however, we have no idea how.

Motorola V3 (Razr), a smartphone with a foldable display? Why not?

Motorola may well bring a “nostalgia” mobile phone. Something similar to what Nokia did with the 3310 or more recently with the Nokia 8110. However, we may also have a device (smartphone) with foldable capabilities and the same name. The “V3” of the future!

It is no secret that Lenovo, owner of Motorola, is working on flexible screens, so it would not be strange or surprising to see a smartphone with the same ideology of the past but with the qualities of the present.

It’s too early to take on anything. Motorola has in its hands a possibility to leave lovers of mobile phones once again in love, we will see if it succeeds.

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  1. Motorola is also a better brand there as well! Wish them a successful accomplishment with immediate effect. Thanks for the info.

  2. Wow can’t wait for the return of Motorola, I hope u ain’t gonna be the previous Motorola we use to know, hope there will lot of changes,


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