Google will begin to block advertising crypto currency

Google will begin to block advertising crypto currency

Google has announced that it will soon ban the advertising of crypto-currencies and the initial placement of coins (ICO). In addition, the search giant will also block advertising publications and other products related to financial risks.

Google will prohibit advertising Crypto-currency

It is worth noting that in January of this year, Facebook has already imposed a ban on all advertisements about crypto-currencies in its social network. True, the journalists of Bloomberg found out that the system functions far from ideal. For example, if you change the letter “o” to “0” in the word “Bitcoin”, then the lock will not work. Representatives of Google have promised Bloomberg that they will try to eliminate such loopholes.

The new Google rules will come into effect from June this year.

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  1. Bad news to all Bitcoins looters! And scammers!
    Let’s how far will the rules go in the next few months.
    Thanks for the info

  2. Huh! In the land of hackers, do you think this will happen…? Except they wanna cancel the crypto currency away. Thanks for the info


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