Google Lens reaches all Android users with Google Photos

Google Lens reaches all Android users with Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best apps you can have on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app that gives us free storage for our photos, has just been enhanced with the Google Lens feature.

This is no longer the first time we talk about the integration of “Lens” in the Google Photos app. This feature helps you see the world from another perspective.

Imagine you are going to Paris and you want to know everything about the Eiffel Tower. Simply point the camera and you will get a summary of the monument. In addition to this feature, Google Lens also helps you translate photos that show another language.

The advantage of the application is unique, though, it was a little lost for Android and iOS users. That’s why the Mountain View company decided to implement the functionality in the Google Photos app.

Google Photos now has “Lens” integrated into Android smartphones

In this way, the brand not only shows the quality of the “Lens”, but also gives users new possibilities and functionalities.

Unfortunately, not all users rely on the new feature, at least for now. iPhone users will have to wait a little longer until the feature is available.


In contrast, Android customers, whatever the smartphone, will have the “Lens” implemented in the Google Photos app already in the next update.

With this new possibility the American company secures one of the best photo galleries of the moment. In addition to unlimited and free, the “photos” application is packed with features that few know.

Imagine that you open the application and want to find a specific photo but you do not know when and where it was taken, but you know that your “Boby” was in the image. Just type “dog” or “dog” and you will be shown all the photos that a dog appears. The same with, for example, a “red car”.

If you still do not use the application gives you an opportunity. You can download it from the Play Store here and the Apple App Store. I’m sure you’ll like it.

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