Facebook: How to reduce the information you give to the Social Network

Facebook How to reduce the information you give to the Social Network

Facebook is under fire after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. There were more than 50 million users who saw your information – private and public – shared without your consent.

Facebook lives on the sale of advertising to third parties. This means that you share your information with advertising agencies in order to give you more advertising content of your interest.

Personally I’m not against advertising, in fact, 4gnews lives this way. That’s why we urge all our readers to avoid using AdBlock on our site. In addition to not having any intrusive advertising, we do not obtain any information about our readers.

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The same does not happen with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s company offers ad agencies the detail of your life. This can be problematic when agencies like Cambridge Analytica decide to get this information to shape a culture and create confusion in society.

Facebook wants to know too much about your life and your interests.

So let’s look at Facebook and its information. You can always erase your profile, but if you do not want to go to extremes follow these steps in order to limit the information you give to the Social Network.

First we will access HERE. Your installed applications are of the most relevant aspects. It was with a simple application like this that Cambridge Analytica got the detailed information of more than 50 million users.


Here you will get the information of which applications have access to your Facebook. This may include likes, interests, interactions, comments … out there. You just have to click on the “X” and delete the applications that you have not used for some time. There are “Login” applications on other websites that are important, everything else, delete without mercy or pity!

Now let’s go to Facebook ads!

Advertisements can also be minimally controlled. Access HERE and open each one and start selecting what you do not feel comfortable giving to advertisers. Be careful not to be scared by the information that Facebook knows about your life.


Follow theme by theme and limiting your privacy ideas. In my case, almost everything was disabled, especially after this situation with Cambridge Analytica.

As I mentioned, there is always the possibility of deleting your account, but if you prefer to limit your data always hide a bit in front of the advertisers and malfeasers of Facebook.

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  1. Oww! But why Facebook suddenly starts this nonsense! Thanks for sharing this helpful information. Will follow the procedures.


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