Bitcoin continues to fall, by the way, all the cryptocurrency


I am a lover of crypto-coins because of their decentralization. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, EOS, Cardano and so forth deserve praise for avoiding the transfer of value under the service of others.

It’s all due to Blockchain’s technology that has increasingly attracted big business investment. Whether private or public, Blockchain gives systems the ability to be truly secure. So far, impossible to hack.

After the hype of the crypto-coins in 2017, behold the value of the same begins to have a hit, but what a fall! Some time ago I had the impression that I was constantly writing that Bitcoin hit another record, in recent times, the news is not so good.

Nobody really knows for sure what happened, or what is going on. The cryptocurrency are volatile and Bitcoin is the king of volatility. Unlike Ethereum, which serves as a platform for building “smart contracts”, Bitcoin is just a form of value transaction. That is, it only has one functionality.

Bitcoin only fell 10% today, all other crypto-coins follow the same path

If at the end of last year the cryptocurrency even hit the $ 19 thousand, at the time of writing this article is at 6,771 $. A figure well below expectations.

It is believed that this fall has been linked to the strong investment of “common mortals” last year. The people knew little about Bitcoin but decided to invest heavily because the news said they did.

With the downfall over time, these “investors” have been raising their value for commercial money (FIAT).

How much should you do HODL?

Honestly, it’s a complex analysis. If you have followed my advice in “investing what you are not afraid of losing” you should be calm about what is happening. You have already invested a strong heritage … Courage, everything will pass.

I am not a market analyst, however, the crypto-coins tend to rise when a FIAT crisis appears. And Brexit is close. Far be it from me wanting the failure of the negotiations, but if that happens, people may turn to Bitcoin again or to cryptocurrency in general.

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  1. This is really a bad news! Just suddenly it started then, and it’s still decreasing.. Hmmm! I hope for a better news later.. Thanks for the info…

  2. This is always the jeopardy of something moving so quickly and at last it becomes something unexpectedly.. I pray it should raise again..

  3. This is now becoming a problem where by people won’t really believe in most of this online ways of making money,before it was zoto,MMM,etc I pray there gonna be positive change in the future


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