Android P will restrict apps access to microphone and camera phones

Android P will restrict apps access to microphone and camera phones

Next major update of Google’s mobile operating system , Android P will restrict application access to the microphone, cameras, and smartphone sensors when they are open only in the background.

The new feature is seen as an evolution of the security systems implemented in Android Oreo, which made it clear to users whenever an app asked to use the device’s microphone or camera.

” When the identity of an application is idle, the microphone will report empty audio and sensors will not report events. Cameras used by the application will be disconnected and will generate an error of the app trying to use them, ” explained the company in an official blog post for Android developers.

The restriction is expected to bring some exceptions – a recorder app, for example, should be able to continue recording even if it is not in the foreground – but most apps should be affected by the change.

The first preview of Android P started coming to developers on Wednesday (07) and includes changes such as native support for “slots” in the display, such as the iPhone X, and new interfaces to the system.

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  1. This android p that’s coming up 👆.. I have been seeing different features been hype about it.. Excepting it soon 🔜.


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