Android P will lose support for older applications


Released at the beginning of the month, the first beta of Android P includes many useful innovations like navigation in rooms via Wi-Fi, native support for dual cameras, analysis of mobile networks and others, but there were some shortcomings. As it turned out, the new OS from Google does not support the old Android-applications.

Android P

Previously, Google said that the next version of Android will block applications that do not use the latest API, but so far the developers have not had any problems with it. Starting with Android P, a “MIN_SUPPORTED_TARGET_SDK_INT” tool appeared in the operating system, indicating the minimum supported API level. For Android P, it is set to v17, which corresponds to Android 4.2.

Android Oreo 8.0 sighted on Motorola Moto G4 Plus

Thus, on devices with Android P applications running under Android 4.1 and earlier versions of the operating system do not work. When you try to run them, you will see the corresponding error message:

Android P

Google wants Android applications to support all the latest features, such as the Doze power saving mode. This should have a positive impact on productivity, autonomy and safety. However, with this, users will stop running applications that are no longer updated.

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  1. Hunh! Why such thing.. It’s should work normal together now.. Some apps will be so interesting that you won’t be able to install.. Hmmmmm

  2. Wow! It’s so awesome according what you say now @admin . This will make this new version so much dear to people. Thanks for the info..


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