20+ Android smartphones with copied design of iPhone X

20+ smartphones with Android, copied the design of the iPhone X

When Apple finally presented the iPhone X after numerous rumors, we received confirmation of what was guessed for a long time. Despite the discontent of users, on the display of the new Apple flagship there was a notch with TrueDepth and Face ID sensors. Instead of hiding the sensors in a black status bar, Apple used the recess instead and demanded that the developers do the same.

Then many wondered why Joni Ive and his team decided to do so, and Android users began to be afraid to get into the same situation. Nevertheless, a couple of months later we have more than 20 different smartphones that have copied the design of the iPhone X. And they all work on Android. Manufacturers of smartphones with Android often copy the functions of the iPhone, and Samsung has been doing this for many years.

Less well-known Chinese companies also decided to copy the design of the iPhone X. Among the smartphones below there are brands that you have hardly heard of before. For example, what kind of company Wiko Wave 2?


In the picture you can see 23 smartphones, but only 20 of them accurately copied the design from Apple. The Essential smartphone came out earlier than the iPhone X, and the aforementioned Wiko Wave 2 is more like a copy of it than a copy of the iPhone. Thus, only 20 smartphones were copied from the iPhone X. It is also worth noting that rumors of the design of the iPhone X appeared before the release of Essential, so you can not say anything. Most likely, 99% of the excavations on smartphones were copied from Apple, although the company used it for its new sensors.

20+ Android smartphones with the design of iPhone X

Those who expected that the seizure of the iPhone – this is temporary, probably were disappointed that it became a trend.

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  1. It’s very nice.. They copied it wella! But why always iPhone X? What about Samsung? What’s so special on iPhone?
    Abeg o


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