In Windows 10 will appear “seamless” connection of Bluetooth-devices

Windows 10

Users of the test builds of Windows 10 after upgrading to version 17093 found a new useful feature. It consists in the automatic connection to the computer of the periphery via Bluetooth. Apple did something similar with the release of wireless headphones AirPods and then adopted and Google.

The new feature allows a Windows 10-based computer to automatically scan the environment in search of available Bluetooth gadgets. If such are found, the system immediately suggests connecting to them.

Windows 10

At the moment, this option is supported only by the Surface Precision Mouse, but Microsoft has already announced that in the future the function will become the standard and will be compatible with devices from different manufacturers. As reported, the company already cooperates in this direction with Logitech.

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  1. Wow! They are really trying! They are upgrading everything including windows 10 Bluetooth. That’s a good news. Thanks


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