Microsoft launches photo app for Android and iOS

Microsoft launches photo app for Android and iOS

Microsoft has been trying at all times to offer the best possible alternatives to those users who, for obvious reasons, no longer have a Windows 10 smartphone to switch to Android or iOS.

Consequently, along with all Office applications available for these two platforms, as well as Microsoft Edge itself, a new application that combines the various operating systems is now available.

Photos Companion is the app that will allow Android and iOS users to send one or more photos to your computer or laptop with Windows 10. And no, it will not be as difficult as many might think. It is, by the way, quite simple.

Android and iOS are a Microsoft Focus!

Although it does not serve much – at the outset – for those who already have a OneDrive account, and so the photos captured with their smartphones are directly in the Windows 10 Photos app, the rest can make use of it through a simple QR code.

In fact, once installed on your smartphone, it will generate this code, which will then only have to be read by the laptop or desktop in question. Easy and fast, no doubt.

Finally, the two applications can be downloaded here and here for Android and iOS respectively. Just remember that once used once does not mean that the connection is automatic, so it may have to be done again later.

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