Hackers Used Tesla’s cloud to mine cryptocurrency

Hackers Used Tesla's cloud to mine cryptocurrency

Cloud servers allocated to Tesla by Amazon were accessed by hackers and used for crypto-coin mining, according to a discovery by RedLock cybersecurity company.

In addition to using the processing power of the servers, the attackers allegedly had access to confidential company data, including vehicle telemetry.

The attack was identified by RedLock last month during a search for credentials from the Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) cloud provider that was left open.

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A Tesla spokesman said the company was reported by RedLock and that consumer data was not leaked.

” The impact appears to be limited only to engineering test cars used internally, our initial investigation found no evidence that customer privacy or vehicle safety or safety has been compromised in any way, ” the company said.

According to RedLock itself, mining crypto-coins using servers would be a more profitable activity than any data that might be stored in them.

” The recent increase in cryptocurrency is has become much more lucrative for cybercriminals to steal the computing power of the organizations of their data,” said the director of RedLock, Gaurav Kumar,

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