Future iPhone will be able to scan the surrounding area

Future iPhone will be able to scan the surrounding area

According to the foreign resource AppleInsider, Apple intends to significantly expand the capabilities of the iPhone camera in 2019. It is reported that future “apple” smartphones will receive the function of 3D-scanning of the surrounding world. At its core, the technology will be similar to the front-end TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X.

iPhone X TrueDepth

Scanning the world around them is a continuation of Apple’s concept of augmented reality. With the upgrade to iOS 11, smartphones and tablets from the company have been supported by ARKit and AR applications that can display virtual content over the real world through the device’s camera. The new technology will allow using the iPhone’s main camera, for example, to use “animogi”, like on the front camera of the iPhone X.

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  1. The way iPhone are producing phones like spirits, this can detection locations…. Good sensor, good camera, this is just more than machine


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