Black Panther – Marvel movie surpassed (almost) all records


Black Panther was the last Marvel title ever released to date. With a later release than the highly anticipated  Avengers: Infinity War,  the film played by  Chadwick Boseman is to be a real success.

In fact, after having thought that the ticket numbers would be very good, these have managed to be even better than the forecasts. They were so fantastic that, incredible as it may seem, the revenue earned by the movies in the United States last Monday was 40.2 million dollars.

Consequently, by looking at the release date data,  Black Panther becomes historic, so to speak, in that it has not gone beyond Star Wars: The Force Awakens in terms of ticket revenue.

A movie that Marvel will not forget … nor the fans of Black Panther!

Thus, although it has not reached the milestone of 288 million in the first few days, the latest Marvel film has managed, in counterpart, to reach $ 242 million in revenue.

Epic? Yes, No doubt. After all, with more than 96,000 ratings in IMDb, the film still only counts with an evaluation of 7.9 in 10. That is, it is a good note, in fact, but that does not mirror the phenomenon that has been the box office run for watch this fantastic movie.

Finally, through  Black Panther, it is possible to anticipate that the success of  Avengers: Infinity War will, from the outset, be absolutely terrifying – in the good sense of the word.

Contrary to what happened with  Justice League,  for example, Marvel’s ten years will effectively culminate in a film that will not leave anyone indifferent and whose criticism should be as positive as expected.

With the month of February ending, it will be a little more than a month before the new film arrives in Portugal. Until then, you will have all the time to see and review the movie that has now premiered, as well as all the others that precede, in Portuguese,  Avengers: War of Infinity.

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  1. Wow! Just this month that its launched, it has earned them a lot of revenue like that.. Wow! It’s a great movie for marvel. Black panther! Thanks for the info.


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