Apple Concept imagines Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses

Apple Concept imagines Apple's Augmented Reality glasses

It’s no secret that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses. The Cupertino company is hopeful that Augmented Reality will be more popular than Virtual Reality in the future and its investments show that.

The Apple ARKit, available for some iPhone, shows that the American company wants to invest in this segment and the revelation of an Augmented Reality glasses would be “gold over blue.”

IDropNews, responsible for some concepts, imagined what Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses might look like, and I have to admit they’re convincing. The purpose of these glasses would be to go unnoticed at first glance. Although this concept shows us a futuristic imagination, it is still interesting.

A time in an interview at the ReCode DeCode conference, Tim Cook talked a little bit about Augmented Reality. He said gadgets with Augmented Reality technology should be imperceptible. At the time Tim was talking about Google Glass, a project that ended up not going in the right direction.

Will we see Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses over the next few years?

This concept of Apple’s Augmented Reality glasses show “normal” glasses, however, with AR capability when needed. This type of technology would be perfect for applications like Google Maps or even TripAdvisor. Have you ever imagined going on a street and looking at the restaurants to see your score?

Apple Augmented Reality glasses

It does not seem to me that glasses of this kind will come true soon enough. Apple usually waits until the right time to introduce us to a new product. By this I mean that it launches its products well after its competitors.

Tim Cook has also said that he believes that Augmented Reality is the future, we will see to what extent the Cupertino company will or will not take the first step.

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