10 interesting facts from Tim Cook’s interview with Fast Company


Fast Company called Apple the most innovative company. In this regard, the publication interviewed Tim Cook, which was revealed a lot of interesting details about how the company is organized.

The most interesting moments of the interview

  1. To make the year successful, according to Tim Cook, we need to make quality devices that will improve the lives of people, and not chase the value of the shares.
  2. Apple first brings the product to the ideal, but only then releases it. Many people think that the company follows the competition, but in fact Apple is starting to work on new devices and technologies much earlier than others. The company does not copy other people’s ideas.
  3. Tim Cook is not very happy with summarizing by quarters, as there is no sense in measuring business by intervals of 90 days. Investment is a long-term business.
  4. Tim Cook believes that applications with ARKit will change the world.
  5. Apple thinks through its devices to every detail, and over the technology, base begins to work a few years before they are released. For example, now the company is working on what will be released only in 2020.
  6. Tim Cook reads a lot of letters from customers, but he can not read everything. It helps to keep abreast of developments.
  7. Apple is very cautious about the accidental consequences of its technology. That’s why iOS 11 has a “do not disturb” mode.
  8. As for music, Tim Cook says that “money is not important to us”. He loves music because it inspires and motivates people. Apple believes that supporting the performers is very important.
  9. With HomePod, the company focused on sound quality, because “you can enjoy music only when you listen to it in full power.” It would have been impossible with a substandard column.
  10. Tim Cook says that the technology for Apple – “not the most important.” A company is a group of people who are trying to make the world a better place
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