This will be the first Android smartphone with 10GB of RAM

OnePlus is one of the brands that usually tries to lift the veil on Android smartphones with more RAM, however, this article is not going to talk about the iconic, but young, Chinese brand. Vivo, one of the companies also in charge of the same owner of OnePlus, has revealed to us the first smartphone with a biometric sensor on the screen and intends to continue to surprise.

The future Vivo Vivo Xplay 7 fell today in a leak and its specifications show a show of smartphone. The terminal will have everything we can dream about. We are talking about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 10GB of RAM and 4K screen. Without mentioning that this 4K screen will still be entitled to the same biometric sensor on the screen and AMOLED technology.

The device itself has been detailed in images and honestly, its design does not surpass imaginations. We see that the terminal will have two rear cameras with the flash LED below and an almost end-to-end display.

Vivo, OnePlus and Oppo are part of BBK Electronics

Incidentally, it is reported in the middle of the information that the future Android smartphone will feature an aspect ratio of 92% screen.

Vivo Xplay 7

If not enough, the future Vivo XPlay 7 will bring 256GB and 512GB of internal memory and facial recognition 2.0. A system probably improved to that of the OnePlus 5T.


We still do not know for sure when Vivo Xplay 7 will hit the market. We only know that this small piece of hardware should not be cheap. Given its specifications, it would be guaranteed to be interesting to see a design a little more appealing.

It is plausible to believe that this smartphone should be the first Android to come with 10GB of RAM. As I mentioned, OnePlus likes to be the first to increase this feature so it is also credible to imagine that the next OnePlus 6 might bring such possibilities.


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  1. O my God! Technology is really advancing every day! What! 10GB Ram😱😱 are you kidding me!!!
    Vivo for that matter..

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  3. Harun Khalid AdeizaJanuary 31, 2018 at 7:33 AM

    That's too much.. 10Gb Ram..! Torr.. I wish them best of luck, and hope it will be in a good condition e.g the price and other specs?

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  5. Wow! That's incredible o! 10GB Ram. No lagging or slowing issue be that o. And even with huge internal memory..
    Thanks for the info.. Vivo is really trying.


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