Samsung Galaxy S9 – Another feature of smartphone revealed

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Another feature of smartphone revealed

When we think we know everything about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9, here’s a little information we have. Samsung is ready for its next flagship show as early as February and is expected to bring us significant progress against its predecessor.

I do not want to say that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be very different from the Galaxy S8 because aesthetically we will not have big differences. Rumors suggest that we will have an 18.5: 9 QHD Super AMOLED end-to-end screen, slightly smaller margins, and a biometric sensor location change.

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It’s on the inside that the Samsung Galaxy S9 can turn out to be considerably better. We will have the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM and the possibility of expansion via MicroSD. Many believe that the “Plus” model will have 512GB of internal memory, however, they are information that we can not confirm.

What we can be sure of is that the Plus model will have a dual rear camera. The larger size model will have the great feature that will certainly make those who do not want to invest so much in a smartphone so great.

FM Radio to reach the Samsung Galaxy S9

Today it was confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will still feature FM Radio. I know that many of you do not want to know much about this feature, though, it’s much more important than you think.

When I offered the Samsung Galaxy S7 to my dad his first question was “Has Radio?”. While the younger population prefers social networks and Spotify, some users (like me) like to listen to their radio without having to pay data from the internet.

I’m glad that FM Radio is again another option for Samsung’s top of the range. By the way, if you like radio and technology, I have the perfect program for you. It’s not on a local radio but you can listen to our weekly tech podcast here at Soundcloud.

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  1. Cool features and the FM radio as well!
    Samsung is a great company producing great quality products.. They should keep it up. Thanks for the info.


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