Hacking PlayStation 4: a headache or a victory for piracy?

Hacking PlayStation 4 a headache or a victory for piracy

Recently, news about the hacking of PlayStation 4, which has long been considered impregnable, appear with enviable regularity. First, the news about the possibility of running on it third-party programs that do not violate copyrights. A few days later – information that the teaser PT has started working on the console. Now on the sites one after another image of the best games for the console appear. So what happened? Is this really the end of the era, and crackers still defeated the mighty Sony? Yes and no.

Who does not have cash, will cry indecently

For years, the unbreakable defense of PS4 has been unsuccessfully tried to bypass the most talented hackers. Many even said that it is impossible to do this – as soon as the slightest loophole was opened, Sony immediately eliminated it, blocking the bootleggers with oxygen. After a series of futile attempts, the coders seem to have reconciled themselves to the state of affairs-they realized that it’s inexpedient to fight the Japanese corporation. It seemed that the era of console piracy, thriving for more than three decades, came to an end. Even the most principled fans of freebies switched to buying licensed copies of games, because in this issue the principle ” Pay or go wood ” was in effect . However, hackers-enthusiasts did not give up.

Obama Holding PS4


In the fall of 2017, the web started talking about the exploit namedobj, created by the user under the name Specter. Several months later the author of the program laid it out for public access. The principle of operation is simple – a cunning utility that uses the known vulnerability of one of the older versions of the firmware, allows you to run any code on the PS4 and make changes to the system at the kernel level. No matter how much Specter said that the tool is not intended for pirated software, folk craftsmen still found a way to apply it (or rather, its modified version) to bypass console protection and jailbreak. And wrap everything …

It’s not stolen, just did not pay for it

The first unlicensed game, which was launched on the PlayStation 4, was PT – a long-lost from the PS Store teaser of the canceled Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima. Now it is almost impossible to find its official copy, and on platforms like eBay console with installed PT are sold at a price. Perhaps, filibusters thus demonstrated that some games can only be provided to the public by them?

A couple of days later, the number of “borrowed” titles already numbered in dozens – popular trackers flooded the PS4 hits. Yes, it is difficult to argue – for the most economical gamers this is great news. Free to try out expensive exclusives – what is not a holiday for a pirate? And the time is very successful because on the way such powerful projects as acute-social Detroit: Become Human, brutal The Last of Us Part II and pretty annoyingly externally, but still extremely attractive God of War. True, to play in them with the current version of the utility, most likely, will not work. But about this below – first about the good.

PS4 Pad Playstation and Hammer


After a loud “debut”, the same vulnerability was used to create PS2 Pub Gen, an improved PlayStation 2 emulator for PS4. With the help of a modified utility PS4HEN, enthusiasts have been able to rebuild the original bootloader of the current Sony console, which is used to launch the games of the PS2 Classics library. For nostalgic gamers with experience, this was a real gift of fate. After all, backward compatibility, like the same Xbox One , Sony does not have the latest devices. To try classical masterpieces on the PS4 is possible only in the case of remasters output and special ports.

Stingy owners of PS4 finally got the coveted, that is, the ability to download freebies from torrents. Yes, and see the cult creations of the past on the actual console. Only where is the jubilation? Why can not you hear the exclamations of joy? Why are gaming portals not full of loud headlines in the spirit of ” David overcame Goliath “, as it was, for example, with Deneuve ? It’s simple. This holiday of life called “breaking the four” has a small, but an extremely significant moment.

Without flaw, without deceit, reliable, like a spring from the couch

The owners of the console with the current software version 5.05 simply will not launch bootlegger games. The PS4HEN tool is only compatible with the obsolete update 4.05. After all, a vulnerability that was present only in it is used to bypass protection. It was eliminated in patch 4.06, promptly released after the detection of the threat. The difficulty is that PS4 is updated automatically, and you can not roll back the software to an older version. 4.05 remained only with those who have never appeared on the Internet since the release of this software. And such people (in the digital age) are very, very few. Now, after the first reports about the hacking of this version of the software, it is difficult to find a console with the coveted update digit, even on sites like Avito. Yes, and prices are serious. How to be? Is that go to the past.

But those who manage to get a rare PS4, an unpleasant surprise is foreseen. Recent and upcoming exclusives – including those mentioned above – require the latest software. At the current state of unlicensed copies of the same God of War or The Last of Us Part II, you can not wait – until only old games are available, released in times of relevance of this godlessly obsolete firmware. However, despair early. The fact that it is active and, more importantly, fruitful hackers working on “humming” PS4 lately, makes it clear: the protection of Sony is imperfect. It is possible that in the near future digital filibusters will overcome modern firmware. As with this the Japanese company will struggle – it is not known.

It is better to put a legless wooden horse

Despite the high-profile news, it’s too early to talk about a full-fledged hacking of the PlayStation 4: every argument for the success of bootleggers has a strong counterargument. Hacked the console? Yes, but it concerns this antediluvian firmware. Started pirated games? Fine, but only old and already ten times passed. Have you made a PS2 emulator? Okay, the last point, perhaps, is the only one that you can not fault.

The Pirate Bay


In the rest, piracy on the PS4 now looks much more dreary, problematic, and sometimes quite costly (when searching for a console with the right software) than buying licensed novelties. Especially considering that there are all sorts of sales, free distribution to subscribers of PS Plus and the opportunity to buy cheap discs from other gamers. But hackers, again, do not give up. Will they be able to defeat the PS4 before the whole world switches to the next generation of consoles (whose output, according to analysts , is just around the corner)? Only time will show.

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  1. Huh very interesting! You know hackers always get everything done, it will rather take a lot of time but they will surely accomplish the mission. Let’s wait for the good news from them..

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  3. Let’s just give them some days and see what they gonna do #Hackers, cause that’s what they do..
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