Google Play Store receives new Ashworld game for Android

Google Play Store receives new Ashworld game for Android

A new Android game from the OrangePixel studio arrived today in the Google Play Store. It’s called Ashworld and introduces a peculiar combination of a survival game in the open world, with a 2D graphics environment and a post-apocalyptic setting. The result is a beautiful one of a mess. Irresistible in its violence and rather retro vibe.

The game itself was initially released for PC in September 2017. It would arrive at the official iOS store about 3 months later. Well, as usual, Android users had to be patient and wait a little longer for this game. Now get us the Google Play Store for € 4.89.

The new game Ashworld gives you a bird’s view of all the action or a frontal view of this world that can be continuously explored. You can change the display mode in the game settings itself. You will have several options for adjusting these controls but essentially you will use your inches.

Ashworld, the game arrived today at the Google Play Store

In this way, you can choose the mode that best suits the type of action at that time. Here we have in practice an amalgam of various post-apocalyptic action games.

The premise of the game that now reaches the Google Play Store is quite simple. In 2017 a nuclear conflict completely devastated planet Earth. 400 years later begins the plot of the story. You start in a desolate place where you find the character “Dan”. He will help you repair your car and from there you will be launched on this adventure. All alone and trying to survive.

As you progress through the game you will notice that the controls are changing when you are in the 2D mode for a Platforms action or a Top view. There you will have a more general view of the game. This sporadic exchange of controls can annoy some players. On the other hand, it will require your concentration.

The title itself denotes a lot of quality, but it’s worth € 5 in the Google Play Store. Fortunately, then you will not have any kind of advertisements or purchases within the application. You make a payment and you can play without distractions or inconveniences that distract you from the fun.

Available HERE on the Google Play Store

The title arrived today at the Google Play Store and the first scores have been very positive. At this moment it counts practically with 5 stars in 5 possible. If you decide to buy this app and try what this title has to offer then leave us your opinion here.

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  1. The game is nice when I watch the video on YouTube, but I think 🤔 it’s very small.. I don’t know how to play that kind of game.. Meanwhile thanks for the post.


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