OnePlus 5T Vs. Huawei Honor V10 Smartphones Comparison

OnePlus 5T Vs. Huawei Honor V10 Smartphones Comparison

The OnePlus 5T and Huawei Honor V10 are among the best smartphones you can find in the market. But how do these rivals compare?

Honor, the subsidiary brand of Huawei that is present conquering Portugal. OnePlus, a young Chinese brand on the rise and whose smartphones are also frequent sight on a different part of the world.

Firstly, the Huawei Honor V10 will not available Globally. I believe you can place a custom order via their official store to get yours if you need it.

This Huawei Honor V10 can be seen as a careful blend or selection of the best attributes of all versions of Mate 10. A premium selection with a low-cost price. The result? One of the most acclaimed smartphones of the moment and with good reasons for it.

OnePlus 5T vs Huawei Honor V10

They share a very low price but here Honor V10 has the advantage. Anyway, in the course of this article we will make a counterpoint to the main features and traitas of both smartphone in an attempt to find out the best between them. In the end, who decides, is the consumer. Now, to prove its value i will have to face the other top of the market and there is no better rival than the OnePlus 5T.

The OnePlus 5T is a strong candidate for the best top of the range economy smartphone of the year with the best price/quality ratio in 2017. Each one with its strengths. Each one with its weaknesses. Let us see what unites them and what separates them.

We hope above all that this smartphone comparison helps you choose your next device. Be it the Huawei Honor V10 or OnePlus 5T you will certainly be well served. However, there are certain aspects that differentiate them. Certain nuances. Small differences that can make one of them perfect for your type of use and another, not so much.

The Smartphones Price:

First, the price. Here the Huawei Honor V10 undoubtedly takes the advantage. The smartphone will cost the equivalent of $ 410 for the version with 4GB RAM / 64GB internal storage and $ 450 for the top version with 6GB RAM / 128GB. A $ 40 difference between versions.

For its part, the OnePlus 5T costs 499 euros in its base version with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The top version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage costs € 559. A total difference of 60 € between versions.

Design of OnePlus 5T vs Huawei Honor V10

The metal has several nuances and ends up giving it a pretty premium aspect  , something that will no doubt reflect in the sensation that you will have when catching it. It also has well-disguised antenna lines near the upper and lower edges. Its back is covered with glass.The Huawei Honor V10 and OnePlus 5T have a relatively different design language. Starting with the V10, your  chassis is made of metal with a metal alloy to fill your entire rear panel. On the other hand, the whole front is covered with glass, a captivating combination.

Huawei Honor V10

At the dimensions level, the Huawei Honor V10 has a 157 x 75 x 7 mm  (width x height x thickness). It weighs a total of  172 gr. It also has a large screen or screen that fills almost all of its front panel. Even so, you can use this device with one hand.

Unfortunately, we do not have any IP certification here, no resistance to water or dust. Something that OnePlus 5T does not have either. On the other hand, the Huawei Honor V10 has the traditional 3.5mm jack and a Type C USB port. Like the OnePlus 5T.

Glass vs Metal – Huawei Honor V10 vs OnePlus 5T

In Honor the chambers are separated, each with a ring around the lens to raise it slightly, something that may avoid some scratches on the glass. On the other hand, OnePlus was also particularly resistant.On the back of this smartphone, we have the main dual cameras. In OnePlus the cameras are attached, in a single “high”. This high is well disguised in its structure.

In turn, the OnePlus 5T measures  156.1 x 75 x 7.3 (width x height x thickness). It weighs a total of  162  gr. It is also not water and dust proof but appears to be at least splash resistant.

OnePlus 5T Lava Red

We can even look at the glass rear of the Huawei Honor V10 and come to the conclusion that this will be more risk-prone. After all, glass will always be glass. The OnePlus 5T, metal seems to be a bit more robust. It also has the fingerprint reader / biometric sensor on the back. After all, the overall design of the Huawei Honor V10 looks a little more original whereas the OnePlus 5T is very similar to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Oppo R11s.

Smartphone Display:

Although both fit more or less comfortably in the pocket, this is not why they stop having large screens. Indeed, in Huawei Honor V10 we have a 5.99-inch screen, IPS LCD technology. Full-HD + (1080 × 2160) resolution with 18: 9 aspect ratio.

The OnePlus 5T has a 6.01-inch screen, Optic AMOLED, built by Samsung. With the same Full-HD + (1080 × 2160) resolution. With the format 18: 9. It features sRGB and DCI-P3 technology that will ensure better color reproduction, saturation, contrast and viewing angles. Here, on the screen, the advantage goes to this device.

Looking at its technical features:

SpecificationsHuawei Honor V10OnePlus 5T
Screen / Screen5.996.01
Resolution1080 x 2160 pixels1080 x 2160 pixels
ProcessorKirin 970Snapdragon 835
RAM4 / 6GB6 / 8GB
Storage64 / 128GB expansion via microSD64 / 128GB without expansion
Rear Cameras16MP RGB + 20MP B & W16 + 20MP aperture f / 1.7
Front View Camera13MP16MP
3.5mm JackYesYes
Operating systemAndroid Oreo with EMUI 8Android Nougat 7.1.1 with Oxygen OS


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It is not an easy task to choose one over another. Although slightly more powerful, the OnePlus 5T is also more expensive. So, I leave the final verdict for you!

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  1. If I am to rate, i will give 4 star 🌟 for the ONEPLUS 5 and 5 star 🌟 Rating for the HONOR! 😆. although the two brands specs make sense sha..
    Thanks for sharing this update!


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