The largest Starbucks in the world use augmented reality

The largest Starbucks in the world use augmented reality

Starbucks has made its biggest coffee shop even more with the help of augmented reality. It’s about 30 thousand square feet of Starbucks, which will open on Wednesday in Shanghai.

With the help of a special application for a smartphone, users can participate in a virtual tour of the coffee house. It is enough to point the camera at any device to find out what it is for.

Square feet of Starbucks


For participation in the excursion, users will receive virtual icons. As soon as all the icons are collected, the participant will receive a special photo filter Custom Roastery – in fact in such a place it’s just impossible not to make a selfie.


Although the design of the application was created in Starbucks, the development of the Chinese company Alibaba.

China is the most priority and fast-growing market for Starbucks. According to the coffee giant himself, new branches open every 15 hours – more often than once a day! To date, in 136 Chinese cities, about 3 thousand coffee shops have been opened. At the same time, 600 of them are in Shanghai alone – this is a world record for the number of Starbucks in one city.

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